‘कैशियर बना नटवरलाल’, looted Rs 1.45 Crore of water bill due to internet blockage in J&K


During the ban on the Internet, a cashier from PHE Department Jammu collected about Rs 1.5 crore in the form of water bill. The receipts of Rs 1.45 crore collected by the field staff were deducted but the amount was not deposited in the Treasury.

Due to internet services being disrupted in the state since August 5, water bills were being submitted offline only.

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A complaint has been given to the police when the matter comes to light in a departmental inquiry.

In fact, the field staff of PHE department deposited the recovery money with the cashier just like routine. A receipt was also issued to the depositor by the cashier. Similarly, every month, recovery and water tax continued to accumulate in crores.

In the meeting of the department’s high officials regarding the recovery, the amount was asked to be deposited in the Treasury.