क्या आप जानते है माता वैष्णो देवी गुफा के यह रहस्य? Read Here


Goddess Trikuta is also another name of mother Vaishno born from the part of Lord Vishnu. The abode of Goddess Trikuta i.e. Mother Vaishno Devi is in a cave in the Trikuta range of ruby ​​hills in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the abode of Goddess Trikuta, the abode of Mother is called Trikuta Parbat.

If you have attended the court of Mother then you will remember that Mother’s residence is in a cave on the mountain. Due to the long queue of devotees, you will have got very little time to visit the holy cave, so there are many things about this cave which you may not have known, so let’s learn many interesting things in the court of mother today.

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The path currently used for darshan of Mata Vaishno Devi is not a natural way to enter the cave. The artificial road was constructed in 1977, in view of the increasing number of devotees. Presently, devotees enter the court of Mother through this route.

Some fortunate devotees get the privilege of entering the mother’s building even today from the ancient cave. Actually, the rule is that whenever there are less than ten thousand devotees, then the door of the ancient cave is opened. Usually this happens in the winter months in December and January.

The length of the sacred cave is 98 feet. Two artificial avenues have been built to enter and exit the cave. A large platform is built in this cave. The mother’s seat is on this platform where Goddess Trikuta resides with her mother.

The ancient cave is of great importance in the court of Goddess Vaishno Devi. Devotees desire to see Mother from this cave. The big reason for this is that it is believed that Bhairo’s body is present in front of the ancient cave. Mother had killed Bhairo here with her trident and her head flew off to Bhairo valley and the body remained here.