10 ‘Kanjak Pujan’ memories that every Jammu girl can relate to!

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Do you remember the time of the year when you got to eat chane, puri and halwa? Of course, you do! A majority of us associate Kanjake, celebrated on the eighth or ninth day of the Navratras, with the special delicacies that our mothers prepared early in the morning. On this day, Hindu families pray before the girls, who are considered as avatars of the Goddess Durga, and feed them. It is also the day when the Navratra fasting ends.

A lot of us girls have been kanjaks as kids , and it used to make us feel like little celebrities! From getting ready to being pampered, here are 10 things about the day that we still remember fondly:

  1. Neighbours throng outside your home to get hold of you!

Uncles and aunties would literally fight to have me visit their house first.


2. Your little sibling would hang around with you and would make a super-jealous face.

3. Relatives pampering you like you are a goddess8115496981_1db65808f5_c

4. Beautiful gifts and Shaguns

5. Halwa, Puri and Chane11

6. We would bring out our favorite traditional dress and dawn that lady-like look

7. Gelling up with our Kanjak gal-gang

8. Money Calculations and comparisons the next day at school

9. That mini-celebrity feeling

10. And at last, that Pride of being a girl was a million dollar feeling. Wasn’t it

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