10 Lakh Gold And 1.5 Lakh Cash Stolen From Hotel Owner’s House In Jammu


Jammu:In Jammu, thieves broke into the house of a hotel owner in Channi Himmat area in broad daylight on Tuesday. Jewelry and cash worth lakhs of rupees have been stolen from the house. Day by day in such an event, there is an atmosphere of panic in the entire region.

Police have gathered the necessary evidence on the spot. The police is engaged in investigating the case. On the other side a bike is reported stolen from Residency Road. The victim has filed a complaint in this regard to the police.

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Hotel owner Naveen Gupta’s house is in Sector 1 of Channi Himmat. On Tuesday, Naveen left for a wedding ceremony with family at two and a half. Arrived at 6 in the evening and opened the gate of the house and went inside. When he went straight towards the bedroom, he saw that all the stuff was scattered in front. 30 tola gold was missing from the cupboard. 1.62 lakh cash and two silver plates were also missing. Gold consists of four rings, 6 to 7 rings, two mangalsutras etc.

The thief entered through the window with the AC inside. The thief entered inside the bedroom by cutting the window with the AC installed in the bedroom. The thieves had complete knowledge about the house. Therefore, within two to three hours, he entered and left after committing the crime. The thieves knew there was no one in the house. Because it was blocked outside the house.

This incident has also put a question mark on the police claiming strict security. In broad daylight, thieves entered the house and stole jewelry worth lakhs of rupees.