10 reasons to date an Engineer

Engineers have a lot of free time

After handling pressure of eight long semesters for 4 years, they still take some time to visit different places and restaurants so managing free time for their girlfriends will not be difficult.

Innovative dates

He has done crazy things during his college time so coming up with innovative ideas for dates will never be a problem for him.


No matter what is required to be repaired, they can fix anything ranging from your car, AC to your heart. Yes! They are experts.


Engineers are extremely adorable because they will be the ones to resolve the fight keeping aside their ego. They will try to analyse the situation and make sure it never happen again.


Firstly they will tell you jokes involving technical terms like

Why did capacitor kiss the diode?  Because he could not resistor. And there is no need to worry if you did not get it because he will definitely explain it to you in simple terms. Hmmm the patience!


Once you are dating an engineer, you do not need to worry about getting your vacation tickets or to book the best deals because he is efficient enough to handle anything with his research skills.

Scream at them

They are programmed to handle stress because of their professors so they will surely handle your screaming as well.


No one can beat engineers when it comes to flirting, this is something they have got after practicing a lot. They have submitted assignments and they know how to get an extension by smooth talking.

No Ghajni effect expected

Engineers are used to rote learning so there are very few chances of him forgetting your birthday or anniversary. Isn’t that amazing?

Multi-talented person

Since most of them did not choose engineering by will so almost all of them have a creative side to them- they are elegant dancers, poets, musicians, painters, guitarists and what not?

No need to feel jealous

There is no point of feeling jealous even when he is talking to other women because he hardly had any and if you are dating a mechanical engineer then you are really lucky.


You will definitely not need a calculator when he is around because he will do the math for you.





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