10 Reasons why 20s are the best times of our lives

Being in 20s is like a roller-coaster ride. You discover that you are way more than you ever valued yourself. Though, in early 20s we are reckless and free, we tend to hit existential crisis at times during our 20s.

Jammu youth in their 20s be like..

  1. We work Like a Boss

We give orders to our siblings, elder younger, we don’t care because we are in our 20s, hum nahi maante kisi ko!

2. We develop good managerial skills

3.You learn to value yourselves

4.You settle with your past. No Regrets! No Qualms! Just FTW! Slowly, but steadily you tend to get a grip on reality.

5. You have enough room to screw up.

6. We can take risks.

You can try your hand at everything. No pressures of settling down. You can try anything from painting to pottery.

7.You create your own family

Even when we are broke but we have friends to count on. We can rely on them for

8. You search for the purpose of life

9. We get over gooey, teenaged idea of love

10. We don’t hesitate to work day and night, nor do we restrict our work time to particular time slots

11. We can differentiate between right and wrong

12. We learn to say No.


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