10 Reasons why Jammu is any day the best residential area


We are humans and human sure is a wanting animal. Human eyes work hard to see, observe and learn from what happens around and we try our level best to achieve the things. But sometimes we forget that it is not at all necessary to do what others are doing. Most of the times it is better to be what you want to be and it’s best when you opt to be original.

We, the Jammuites, have always underrated Jammu like in the saying, “Self possessions are always undermined” or in desi language “Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar”.

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Today we will give a dozen reasons why it is actually better to stay in Jammu and excel. Stop Underrating Jammu and start appreciating it a little more.

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10 Reasons why Jammu is any day the best residential area

1. Easy going people:

Someone has well said that “Khand Mitthe Log Dogre”. People of Jammu are pleasant to meet as they are still very earthy as compared to all the metropolitan cities. We believe in simplicity and love to help people whom we care about. In other states, people will ignore you and maybe even abandon you.

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2. High on security:

One of the most serious issues in our country today is woman assault which is by god’s grace a lot less in Jammu city on a whole. People are still in their senses and usually don’t cross the upper limit. Obviously, if you want to spend your life in a place which is secure for your sister and daughters.

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3. Jammu is much more hassle free than its counterparts:

We just like it straight, sharp and simple. Jammu city is a small place everything here is handy. Whether it is a school, hospital, market, grocery shop or maybe your office. In other states, you have to travel around 1-1:30 hours just to reach the place where you work. Which means you will waste 3 hours of your day just to travel which is just not worth it. And by chance, any untoward thing happens then it can exceed from 4 to infinite hours.


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4. Opportunity to learn and grow with the Jammu culture:

Jammu is a place where people from different cultures live in harmony and peace. We believe in respecting every citizen and never try to bring our fellow men down. Because growth should be universal!

5. Jammu is great place to launch a new innovative business:

Jammu is a budding place it lacks a lot of materialistic things that should be present. If you are planning to launch a new business which is innovative and has an X-factor just go for it.

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6. You get the best of both worlds:

We are modern by looks yet desi at heart. People of Jammu respect their fellow beings a lot more than another bunch of people in the friend circle.

7. We respect our women far more than in other states:

Undoubtedly. We respect and believe in equality when it comes to our women.

8. You can have friends forever:

Making friends from different places of the country can be very exciting but being friends with someone who can be present in all your ups and downs is even better.

9. Low maintenance:

Whether it is food, travel expense, clothing or anything Jammu is best place to live. Living here is cheap.

Convinced enough?

10. No one can beat the pleasure of “home sweet home”:udhampur

Do I need say more. Who does not want to have their meal in front of their family every time they return home. While going out of Jammu may sound exciting, ask anyone who has studied/worked/lived outside Jammu. They will all say, there’s no place like Jammu.


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