“10 things that everyone should do to get rich “

Though Ravana was a demon but he is also considered to be the most intelligent man on earth as he was having the knowledge of all the Vedas and upnaisas .In Ravana sanhita he decoded many secrets to get rich.

  1. On any auspicious day, get up early in the morning. After taking a bath find a banyan tree nearby and sit under it on a leather seat.
  2. Chant Om Hrin Srin Clin Namah Dhv: Dhv: Swaha for 21 days while sitting under the tree. Use Rudraksha beads for chanting.
  3. if someone is facing problems in attaining money, then they can do this measure at home for 40 days. The mantra is Om Saraswati Mahabhagey, Vidye Kamala Lochaney.
  4. Regular chanting of this mantra will clear away all blockages from your life and give you uninterrupted money.
  5. For health and prosperity all year around, chant this mantra on the night of Diwali. The mantra is Om Hrin Srin Clin Mahalakshmi.
  6. This mantra should be chanted 108 times while holding a Rudraksha bead in your hand.
  7. This apart, another way of attaining some wealth is to go to sleep early on the night of diwali. Wake up early  and chant the above mantra 108 times.
  8. While doing so, keep an idol of Laxmi close to you. Once your 3 months are over, keep the idol in your locker or at any place where your money is kept. It will instantly give you wealth.
  9. If you bury some money and want it to grow manifold, then recite this mantra – Om Namo Vignvinashay Kuru Kuru Swaha.
  10. Doing so will not only give you money but also remove all negative forces of your life.

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