108 Kg of ‘Ladoos’ distributed on Birth Aniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh


Jammu: The people of Jammu gathered together in festive moods, to celebrate the 123rd birth anniversary of Dogra Ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh Ji.

Dressed in traditional dogri attires, people from all religions paid trubutes to the dogra ruler who always thought of betterment of people of Jammu and Kashmir. With swords in hands, motorcycle rallies were organised throughout the city.

The youth of Jammu also participated in the celebrations and remembered Maharaja Hari Singh for his brave descision making and unmatched caliber to decipher right from wrong. “Had not for Maharaja Hari SIngh, Jammu would not have been a part of India”, said Rajan Singh.

108 kg of ‘Laddoo’ bhog was prepared and distributed in an open langar below the statue of Maharaja Hari Singh Ji at Jewel Chowk flyover Jammu. Laddoos were Maharaja’s favourite and every celebration was marked by distribution of Laddoos among people, during his reign.


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