11 People injured in an matador accident

Today morning  One Matador turned turtled on way from Billawar to Mahanpur beariCng no JK08 8053 when reached at Nagal Nallah resulting 11 persons injured namely:-
1. Sham Lal s/o Channu Lal r/o Katni Billawar Age 50 yrs.
2. Ravinder Kumar s/o Shanker Dass r/o Seri Billawar Age 50 yrs.
3. Kewal s/o Janak Raj r/o Katni Billawar Age 35 yrs.
4. Charan Dass s/o Dhunni Chand r/o Thada Kalyal Billawar Age 51 yrs.
5. Sonika w/o Naresh Kumar r/o Palli Basholi Age 35 yrs.
6. Naresh Kumar s/o Dewan Chand r/o Plassi Age 40 yrs.
7. Angrez Singh s/o Pindi r/o Kathi Billawar Age 50 yrs.
8. Surinder Kumar s/o Kritik Ram r/o Kathi Billawar Age 30 yrs.
9. Bua Ditta s/o Kishnu Ram r/o Mandli Billawar Age 39 yrs.
10. Vijay Kumar s/o Gyan Chand r/o Parnalla Billawar Age 39 yrs.
11. Uttam Chand s/o Ramlesh r/o Kathi Billawar Age 62 yrs.
All admitted to Sub District Hospital (SDH) Mahanpur Kathua.
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