12 notable personalities from JAMMU you ought to know- PART 2



By Pawas


7. Dr. Karan Singh


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Dr. Karan Singh from Jammu- a king turned philosopher; a royalty; a poet; a nature lover; a politicianhe is a bit of everything. He was born in France and owned mighty titles that would take a lifetime to gain. At a minor age of 18, he was appointed as the Regent of Jammu and Kashmir and from then on he has been showering his expertise in numerous field. He is a captivating orator and a world figure on Hinduism, an adept philosopher with knowledge and deep understanding.

8.Pandit Shivkumar Sharma

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“It was my life long dream to play such kind of music which will make the listeners forget to clap; which will make them slient.”
Hailing from Jammu, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma is a Santoor player. He brought forth an obsucre, almost unknown instrument ‘Santoor’ to an indispensible level on the concert platform, single handedly. With his adept conviction he made the instrument acquire an identity because of him and created a new genre of instrumnental music. With his timeless compositions for blockbusters like Silsila, Lamhe, Chandni, Darr, he made Santoor an indispensible part of Indian music.


9. K. L. Saigal

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Kundan Lal Saigal was an Indian singer and actor who is considered the first superstar of the Hindi film industry, which was centered in Calcutta during Saigal’s time. His music for the film Puran bhagat created a sensation throughout India. As a youngster, Lata Mangeshkar is alleged to have said that she wanted to marry K.L.Saigal after seeing his performance in Chandidas. His acting career was redefined in 1935 with his drunken title character in Devdas, directed by P.C.Barua. In a career of fifteen years, Saigal acted in 36 feature films28 in Hindi, seven in Bengali, and one in Tamil. He has rendered the creations of poets such as Ghalib, Zauq and Seemab.

10. Padma Sachdev

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She is the first modern woman poet of Dogri Language. She has published several poetry collections including Meri Kavita Mere Geet that has won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1971. She also recieved Padma Shri in 2001 and the Kabir Samman for poetry for the year 2007-08.

11. Shamma Jain

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Shamma Jain is an Indian diplomat, currently serving as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Earlier she was India’s Ambassador to Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea from 2008 to 2011. She accomplished her education with a double master’s degree in Philosophy and Politics from JNU. She began her diplomatic career with the Indian Foreign Service in 1983.

12. Seema Sehgal

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Seema Sehgal known as the Bulbul-e-Kashmir has a deep and abiding interest in Urdu Poetry and in Indo-Pak peace. Seems Sehgal is the only singer in India- or Pakistan- to have composed and sung an entire concert on the poetry of Allama Iqbal, ‘Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hai’, produced as the first solo album based on Iqbal’s poetry. She has also composed and sung concerts of renowned Urdu poets Mir Taqi Mir and Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Seema dedicated her album ‘Sarhad’ to peace between the two countries and the album was presented by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Seema Sehgal’s rendering of the poetry of Ali Sardar Jafri, was a national gift to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the Lahore summit of Feb 1999.


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