12 year old brutally beaten by the school teacher in Rajouri, Jammu


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It’s unfortunate to see that schools serving as the temples for the over all development of children enclose horrors for a few. Some teachers, ignorant of child psychology and drunk on anger and jealousy, often subject these young and innocent children to utter physical abuse and torment that scar not only their bodies, but their mind with a haunting experience. Children make mistakes, some do not do their homework, some might not fare well in tests, and some might come late to the class but that does not at all mean that they should bear the wrath of their teachers in such an extreme manner that they are hurt, well beyond their tolerance. Such a case reported to us today where a 12 years old child named Mudasar Ahmed s/o Mohd Ashaq R/O village Sagrawat Darhal, Rajouri was severely beaten by a teacher named Mohammad Aurangzeb at Sher-E-kashmir Higher Secondary School, DARHAL,today. It’s only reminiscent of cases reported just few days back where a teacher hit a teenager with a duster and that teenager ended up killing himself. It’s high time when teachers are needed to be taught and made well aware of a child’s psychology and such teachers are needed to be weeded out. 100 percent no tolerance to physically abusive punishments should be practised.