12th Class student beaten Black and Blue by DSP for no reason

Jammu and Kashmir

8:30 p.m. the DSP asked one of his men to get him a stick because he wanted to teach the boy a lesson.

The father asked his son’s offense and pleaded in front of the official in order to spare him. The DSP dismissed the father’s requests and went ahead to beat the boy. The SHO present there tried stopping the DSP, telling him that there wasn’t a single complaint against the boy, he was innocent. The father kept begging the DSP. But the adamant DSP dragged the boy, made him stand against the wall and slapped hard on both his ears. The DSP was wearing a kara that hit the boy’s ear and immediately the boy collapsed and blood started oozing out of his ear. He did not just stop there, in fact he kept kicking him.

According to the father, such police officials with an atrocious attitude who engage in barbaric actions should not be even recruited in the first place let alone given such responsibilities. The father has urged the media to help raise his voice and bring the matter to the forefront so that the government can take fierce action against the culprit who happens to be a ‘uniform guy’. He felt that belonging to a poor family he felt vulnerable to such a situation.

What was even more peculiar is that the SHO was present at the time the DSP was intimidating the boy and his father, and he repeatedly asked the DSP to check his language and be in his limits. He pushed him not to be violent with the boy; instead he wanted him to proceed as per law. None of these things seemed to matter for the DSP since he continued his brutality.

The father also added that the same DSP had picked up about 4-5 boys few days ago and accused them of being drunk and distributing alcohol. He thrashed them without any valid reason, just for the mere fact that they belonged to the poor section of the society and could not voice against the law.

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