13-year old ‘Talent Powerhouse’: Kavya Kochhar

In Jammu, one may ordinarily not even know about sporting events such as shooting, let alone Shooting championships. But as the gnome goes, where there is a will, you will end up finding a way.

Kavya Kochar is all of 13 years of age and is a skill-factory churning out talents with an adroitness that makes her a wunderkind.Kavya Kochhar

Kavya won a gold in the 10 metre event  in the recently concluded State Shooting Championship at Gulshan Ground in Jammu. When asked how she found her interests bending towards shooting, she chirped with excitement,


As far as shooting goes, Kavya says that her maternal grandfather is her inspiration. He is the one who has motivated her the most to take up shooting as a sport. She was thankful to Jammu District Rifle Association which holds these shooting events, inspire youngsters to participate.

Kavya’s mother had a great suggestion for other parents. Mrs. Kochhar firmly believes that all parents are definitely interested in seeing their children shine but often end up limiting their skills by stressing too much on education. There is the school first and then there are tuitions that do not leave the kids with any time. She added that parents should promote the culture of extra-curricular activities in their children as it is a must for the overall development of an individual.

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