17 Sure Signs that a girl likes you!


Jammu girls are slightly shy when it comes to expressing their liking fo someone. So here are a few subtle hints they drop towards ‘THE’ one they fancy

  1. She keeps a comparatively longer eye-contact with you: She loves looking into the deapth of your eyes to ascertain your liking towards her. She is basically lost so you’ll probably have to pinch her to wake her up.2. She thinks of topics to talk to you: She spends time pondering what she’ll wear to college tomorrow are things she would talk about when she would see you next.

3. She plays with her hair while talking to you

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4. She drops awkward little glances at you, when among a group of people

5. She touches you some way or the other like she’d punch your arm while laughing

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6. She’d make an effort to break the silence when the conversation goes dry.

7. She tries to build a rapport.

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8. Whenever she says or does something, she turns to you, to see your reaction.


9. She regularly checks you Social Accounts to know what you are upto and mentions your status or photos when you meet

10. She laughs even at your poor jokes

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11. She introduces you to friends

12. She doesn’t resist when things get sexual

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13. She invents reasons to be with you, interact with you or be alone with you. She prays for your well-being day and night.

14. She stands with her body facing you, she is comfortable with your touch

15. She turns to you for stupid things and issue that bother her

16.She will be happy to help you be it making class notes or getting you lunch

17. She would flaunt her talents in front of you be it a rough sketch or a well-cooked meal

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