People facing hardships due to traffic jams


By Citizen Journalist: Rajiv Gupta

Jammu: The people of Jammu are facing a lot of hardships due to the frequent traffic jams in the city. The commuters plying daily get caught in the traffic jams despite a ban on the entry of Heavy Motor Vehicles in the city during day time.

The number of vehicles are increasing day by day on the already congested roads. It is not possible for the Traffic department to be present at every nook and corner to regulate smooth flow of traffic. However, some of them are also seen to be least bothered for the smooth flow of traffic. The traffic congestion condition is worst during evening hours at the posh bazaars or busy roads where you can always find a traffic jam.

The matadors plying on the different routes of the city are another major cause of traffic jams as they park their vehicles on the rotaries (chowks) of the city in order to pick maximum number of passengers. Vehicle owners are equally responsible for traffic jams as they park their vehicles as they wish without bothering that the traffic will get blocked which is also a big cause of traffic jams. A lack of parking space notwithstanding.

The traffic authorities must deal strictly with these violators so that the people will get relief from traffic jams and that driving or commuting within our beautiful city again becomes a joy, not just a nagging pain

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