Natrang stages’Naak Ka Sawaal’


Jammu, June 21: ‘Naak Ka Sawaal’, a new play in Hindi written by Daya Prakash Sinha and directed by Neerej Kant was presented here today at Natrang Studio Theatre, Kachi Chawni in its weekly theatre series, Sunday Theatre. In addition to carrying an interesting plot, the play also appreciated the idea of progressive thinking.Natrang

The action of the play happens in a village where the life is not so fast as compared to the cities. People have different mindsets towards the modern world. Where there are a few who are receptive towards the modernization and globalization, there are many on the contrary, who reject this idea because of their static and orthodox thinking. An influential person of the village has send his elder son abroad for studies, this is a matter of great concern for the whole village as they are afraid that the other young boys of the village will get aspired by him and the result will be not so good for everyone, as the outer world is very harsh and culprit which will spoil them. Unaware of the development and progress, they have their own myths about the developed countries where men and women work together. They even try to caution that person about the troubles he may face, as he has sent his boy abroad it is sure that he must have been spoiled till now. But the old man is wise enough to reject their imaginary allegations and has faith on his son. Moreover, he is quite open towards adopting modernity. At last when this is revealed that his son has married a foreigner and is bringing her home, people try to corner him and want to make him feel disgusted about it but to the surprise of everyone, he is happy indeed with this news and is ready to welcome his daughter-in-law in traditional way.

Natrang actors who performed in the play included Mahikshit Singh, Shivam Singh, Sachin Saini and Rohit Sharma. The lights of the play were designed and executed by Neeraj Kant. The show was coordinated by Mohd. Yaseen and the presentations were done by Kritika Singh Bhau.

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