Like Election Commission, civic agencies in J&K need to embrace e-governance

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egovernanceCivic agencies in Jammu and Kashmir will have to take a lesson on introducing e-governance
from modern cities like Gurgaon where  officials have launched online websites, and emails through which residents can directly approach them if they want to complain about any service. The important thing is that in many Indian cities which are adopting IT and e-governance projects online tracking of civic works, infrastructure projects has also been made online, and public can see the funds alloted, status of work and expenditure undertaken by the government organizations or private contractors. The current advancement in technology, and availability of funds to be spent on connecting different organizations has ensured that every department in Jammu and Kashmir has an online presence, the need is for officials to be more accessible through emails, social media, and on their websites so that there is more transpranecy and accountability in the system.

Right now the experience of people with the current set up is far from satisfactory as majority of the government webites are rarely updated, and officials seldom reply on the official emails even though they may have been given laptops specifically for public services. With the state having a difficult topography it would be great if someone is also able to use online facilities for getting citizen services such as issue of licenses, payment of fees, applications for Birth Registration, issue for Death Certificate,  application for copy of land records, application for Residence, Caste, Income Certificates etc.

A great step however has been taken in this regard on Monday with the launch of ‘Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) programme of the Election Commission of India. Under the programme   Divisional Commissioner, Jammu, Shantmanu launched a website ‘’ for Wake up Jammu Campaign.

The Wake up Jammu campaign comes with the message that the youth should now get united and spread message in the society about the value of ethical voting which is this year’s theme for election. The slogan of the campaign is Chalo Youth to the Booth, and the objective of the campaign is to increase awareness and imparting education on electoral process amongst youth under Youth Unite for Voter Awareness (Yuva).


Speaking on the occasion, Divisional Commissioner asked the youth to exercise their right to vote which is their fundamental right to uphold and strengthen the democratic setup of our nation which is world’s biggest democratic sovereignty. He appealed the eligible voters to caste their vote as a social responsibility for making India a strong nation besides protecting national values like secularism and pluralism in our country. He said that voting is not merely civic duty but a social good and an emphatic declaration of being a part of the community.


Sunil Kumar