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18 Powerful Quotes By Bhagat Singh That Explain Why He’s India’s Greatest Freedom Fighter

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Just to put things into perspective, Bhagat Singh became a martyr at just 23, in 1931, 16 years before India eventually won her freedom from British rule. To have died at such a young age, so many years before our freedom was sealed, he must have done quite a lot in the years he was alive to rightfully come to be known as the greatest freedom fighter India has ever seen. If you don’t already know about him, read up on him but here are 18 powerful quotes by Bhagat Singh that explain the drive and motivation behind his search for freedom:

1. Revolution, Freedom and Labour

Source: quotespick.com

2. On the sanctity of law


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3. What it means to be truly progressive


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4. Revolutionary thinking

Bhagat Singh

5. Renunciation

Bhagat Singh

6. The loudness of actions

Bhagat Singh

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