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18 teachers suspended over ‘absence from classrooms’ in Bemina

Srinagar Mar 25 : During an inspection day, 18 teachers of a high school in Bemina ,Srinagar were suspended after it was found that they were absent.

Dr. Shah Faesal said that at a time when reforms are being talked about the carelessness and indifference of the teachers was unbelievable.

“Children cannot write twenty- five divided by four, not to speak of solving it,” said Dr. Shah Faesal.

The school has an enrollment of 110 and the 18 teachers were teachers were present inside the staff room according to Dr Faesal who then ordered the suspension of the whole staff members.

“They will be given salary only after the discipline and learning levels of the children improve,” DSEK said.

The school in question has for the last three years has shown Zero percent performance.

Some students alleged that the teachers do not come to school while some said that it was their gaming and drawing periods when they were asked about the reasons of absence of teachers from classrooms.

“Is our conscience dead, is there no shame left in us. Someone help me to find answers,” DSEK posted on Facebook after his visit to the school.

The DSEK pointed out that the school was apparently the dirtiest one with the garbage littered all around.