18-year-old maid found hanging at Advocate’s house

Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu:    In Manorama Vihar, located on the outskirts of the city, the body of the house maid was found hanging from the ceiling fan at a Senior Prosecuting Officer, Pooja Nijan’s residence. The maid was found hanging in the store room on the first floor of the advocate’s house.

The maid, identified as Rajni Kumari, was just 18 years old and was a resident of Shudh Mahadev in Chenani of Udhampur district, was working at the advocate’s place for the past five years.
The Pounichak Police Station officials have taken the corpse for postmortem to the GMC and are waiting for the relatives to arrive. Meanwhile, they have also filed a case with the Domana Police Station who have stated investigation.


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