Avantisvamin Temple

Avantisvamin Temple

CJ picture by Sahil

Awantipora (Vuumtopur in Kashmiri) is a place, about 30 km from Srinagar on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway. The place is famous not only as a ancient capital city of Avantipora founded by Rajaj Avantivarman, but also for its two imposing temples, now in ruins, built by him.

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One of which, Avantisvamin Temple (in pics) is an historic temple built by Awanti Warman from whom the place got its name as Awantipora. The place is usually misrecognized by the people saying Pandavas place because the material used in building this place is usually panadava stones. . The ruins of temples constructed by Lalitaditya, the Brahmin emperor of Kashmir, and King Awantivarman are located in Awantipora.

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