1984 Sikh Genocide an outcome of a well organized plan : National Sikh Front



Gurdyal Singh Bali broke the fast following Sant Tejvant Singh Ji and Virinderjit singh offering a glass of juice to him. “We will continue to fight. If I die, my son will carry on the fight for justice and then may be his son. Every generation will fight, this is an incident we will never forget, ” Bali added. Gurdyal Singh Bali said that despite recommendations of Nanavati Commission, successive Congress governments shielded the high ranking congress Leaders from prosecution for their role in November,1984. “Since BJP is now in power at Delhi, victims demand that cases should be filed against Kamal Nath, Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler,” he added. Virinderjit Singh Chairman National Sikh Front said , “November 1984 Sikh Genocide” was far from being a spontaneous expression of “madness” and popular “grief and anger” at Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination as made out to be by the authorities. It was an outcome of a well organized plan marked by important politicians of the Indian National Congress party and authorities in the administration. Kulwant Singh Bhatti said most of the arrested miscreants were released at the earliest. But the Sikhs arrested for firing in self defense generally remained in detention for weeks. Delhi Police didn’t register proper cases on the complaints of victims and instead vaguely worded FIRs were registered and little efforts were made to investigate the cases and trace the miscreants.
Amandeep Singh said that the courts have given capital punishment to 31 persons and life imprisonment to over 100 people when the sectarian riots happened in Gujarat in 2002. Our community has also sacrificed a lot and I feel ashamed to be a citizen of India.