2.5 lakh recovered from a vehicle in Jammu


JAMMU, NOV 21: In a recent recovery made by JK police from Gangyal area, Jammu, an amount of 2.5 lakh has been recovered from a vehicle belonging to a principal of Private medical college in Hoshiarpur Punjab. According to the S.H.O they acted upon rescuing this vehice in Gangyal with inputs from C.I.D, stopped the vehicle during routine checking and recovered 2.5 lakh in cash.

After demonetization people with black money are having sleepless nights. Before making this announcement government knew people will not give up their black money so easily at least not without a proper fight. People are doing everything they can to convert their black money into white, whereas Government is doing everything it can to stop people from doing so.

Many cases of huge cash being dumped, burning of currencies, currency recovered in huge sum has been reported from all across the country.

The case is being investigated by C.I.D , and income tax department  has been notified regarding this recovery of cash.


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