Meet these two entrepreneurs who dream of transforming Jammu into a metropolitan city


Start-up culture among youth is bludgeoning among the youth at National level but we hardly see any start-up in Jammu. Being an entrepreneur in a small city like Jammu is a herculean task. Not everyone has the ability to take the leap and think ahead of time, but these two brother’s, Adhikansh and Nipun Sharma in there young twenties have taken the task in their stride.

Co-founders of Karyanawala, which is first and only online grocery store in Jammu, they aim to make life of Jammuites easy and save them the effort of rushing to the market for grocery every now and then.

The idea at the time of conception, was to implement the culture very much accepted and implemented by the people of Metropolitan cities and provide a similar experience to people here also.

Keeping in view the increasing traffic in Jammu city, they have come up with a grocery website and an App to help people order grocery and veggies with a click of a button.

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U4UVoice: The idea is new to Jammu, do you believe it will work now?

Adhikansh: Our aim behind coming up with such an initiative was to provide hassle free shopping experience to the people of Jammu. The trend is very much accepted by the people of metropolitan cities and it has been successful in Jammu so far. Delivering quality at affordable price is what sets Karyanawala apart form others.

U4UVoice: What made you come up with this idea?

Nipun: Owing to traffic in Jammu and lesser avenues, Shopping in Jammu is a very chaotic job. I have seen my mother coming back home tired after shopping for groceries etc and this has been the motivation.

U4UVoice: What does Karyanawala offer?

Nipun: is one of the largest Online Grocery Store And Online Supermarket. It offers a variety of products across various categories like  Grocery & Staples, Beverages, Dairy & Egg products, Branded Foods, Personal Care and Household products. Not only ease of shopping through our website and mobile application but you can also order on a phone call and we promise to deliver all the products right at your doorstep as soon as possible. The interface of the app has received much appreciation among the Jammu crowd as it has been developed keeping in mind the average mobile user. Easy and Simple!

U4UVoice:  Who is the real target audience? What market size are you looking at?

Adhikansh: Our target audience is the “hard pressed for time, high on stress urban citizen”, who would value the extra time that he gets to spend with his family and the extra convenience of having his order delivered to his door-step, rather than spending few hours over the weekend in an unending check-out queue at some super market. The ones who have access to internet on their various connected devices and for whom usage of the net is a norm rather than an occasion. Karyanawala is about converting a necessary chore to a convenience.


U4UVoice: What are the risks involved in Entrepreneurship. Please Tell Us ?

Adhikansh: Starting up something on your own is the first risk. You need a good R&D and market survey to get a rough idea about the feasibility and practicality of the idea. Also you need an encouraging environment within the family and with friends to foster the entrepreneurship spirit.

Here is how you can order for your Daily Basic needs from the comforts of your home, just with a click of a button:

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