2-wheelers to not be permitted through Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

Image Source : http://acdn.newshunt.com/fetchdata7/20160503/uvoice/home/images/800x480_IMAGE52803466.jpg

Chenani-Nashri Tunnel on Jammu-Srinagar national highway which is soon going to be thrown open for traffic might not allow two wheelers.

In a report by amarujala, for the time being only 4-wheelers will be permitted through the tunnel.

Reportedly, PM Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate the tunnel on 2 April 2017.

Amarujala reports that there are two-lanes, 13 mtr in diameter and a 6 mtr parallel escape route. The straight tunnel has been connected with 29 cross- passages, each at a distance of 300 mtr.

Considering all the design challenges, speed limit for 4-wheelers will be fixed. Meanwhile, 2- and 3- wheelers might now be allowed through the tunnel.

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