2-years for making obscene video of a woman in Udhampur

Jammu and Kashmir

Udhampur, March 4: Principal Sessions Judge Udhampur, Rakesh Sagar Jain today has given two years rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs 25000 to two persons, who were involved in making obscene video of a woman.

A complainant Chankar Singh filed a report in police station Ramnagar to the effect that his daughter was married seven years ago to Mangal Singh with whom she had three children and were resident of Piala, tehsil Ramnagar.

On September 13, 2013, he received a massage on his phone that her daughter had died due to drowning. However, after her last rites, he came to know that she had not died incidentally but there was conspiracy behind her death.

He also heard that someone had made an obscene video of his daughter and for this reason her death had taken place. Later, it was revealed that on July 18, 2013 Lakshmi Devi met Kaka Ram at village Thil and when they were about to indulge in a sexual act the accused persons namely Kiran Kumar, son of Vishwa Nath and Manohar Lal, son of Makhan Lal, both the residents of Ramnagar came on spot and made an obscene video of Kaka Ram and hers.

Thereafter, accused Kiran Kumar used to call deceased occasionally on her telephone. On 12.09.2013, Lakshmi devi  informed Kaka Ram that the obscene video of her has been circulated and is available on every ones mobile.

Due to this humiliation and insult suffered by her she later committed suicide by jumping in a pond.

Accordingly, offences under Section 306 RPC/ 67 IT Act were registered against the accused. Principal Sessions Judge awarded two years rigorous imprisonment and fine of Rs 25000 each to both the accused.

“However, the manner in which the investigation has been conducted shows the lapses committed by the IO and also his lack of knowledge about the investigation procedure which are not expected from a senior officer”, the court said.

“The IO seems to have been ignorant about the basic principles of investigation and information technology and techniques. The IO did not seem to have any idea as to provisions of law applicable to the facts of the present case and how the case is to be investigated. The case thoroughly exposes the lack of professionalism on part of the IO in carrying out the investigation and also his administrative officers both in the Police Department and the Legal Department who seemed to have passed the challan in a mechanical manner ignoring the legal provisions and the lapses and inadequate procedure adopted by the IO”, the court added.

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