200 Kashmiris take it upon themselves to clean the Dal


200 Plus Kashmiris Joined Hands to Clean Dal Lake in This Amazing Community Effort

Around 200 Residents of Moti Mahalla village that lies next to the Dal Lake in Srinagar, collaborated with Goonj to clean up the Kashmir’s Lifeline.

Dal is the soul of Kashmir, known worldwide for its serene beauty. But what’s not so well known is that the lake is getting choked by an increasing web of weeds that has become a hinderence for the people.

Goonj, a NGO has been working closely on reaching relief material to the people of Moti Mohalla village, right from the time the floods took over the Dal Lake.

As the residents of the Moti Mohalla village gathered to work on cleaning Dal, they worked in two phases.

More than 500 boatloads of weed and other waste were extracted in both the phases put together.

The villagers cleaned the Dal manually, uprooting the weeds instead of chopping them from the surface, which does no good to the ecology of the lake.

Cleaner water means less water borne diseases for the people who live around it. Therefore enhancing the Ecosystem.

Over 1 lakh sq. meter area of Dal was covered and cleaned in this excersice.

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