From 2010 upto July 2014, 97% passport application cleared- Tanvir Sadiq


Tanvir Sadiq-14

SRINAGAR:  The Political Secretary to Chief Minister, Tanvir Sadiq today said that 97% passport applications from year 2010 -to 14th July 2014, totaling 330,087 have been cleared by the Omar led government and this year upto July 14, 94% applications have been disposed off.
“There was an impression created that there has been blacklisting of thousands of families, blocking their opportunities for Government jobs, growth and travel plans or passport facilities, these allegations were totally untrue because in the past three years, about three and a half lakh passport applications have been processed or disposed off” Tanvir Sadiq said while meeting people at the CM’s Private office in Srinagar.
While speaking with many individuals whose passport verification had been cleared, Tanvir, while giving details said “In 2010, 62,716 cases were received and out of which 61552 were cleared, in 2011, 84930 cases were received out of which 83065 were cleared, Similarly in 2012, 85236 were received and 83052 cleared and in 2013, 64855 applications were received out of which 62575 were cleared and this year alone out of 42802 applications 39843 have been cleared” He added majority of the whole back log received has been already disposed off” said Tanvir adding “The policy guidelines for passport verifications announced by the Government in 2011 has been an important CBM that facilitated the travel of a number of citizens for their jobs and Hajj pilgrimage, at large” he added
Stating that the State Government, has a robust and transparent mechanism of verifications for all its citizens for getting passports, jobs, contracts, loan facilities, setting up of NGOs, opening of press or media outlets the political secretary said “Large number of persons have availed these facilities and the government has in fact diluted and streamlined some of the stringent provisions that were existing in the earlier years”
“The increasing numbers of disposal of Passport verifications, including the clearance of the adverse cases of earlier years, which are being reviewed and resolved on a regular basis, are testament to the sensitivity of the Omar led government to such cases. This has certainly been a great relief for the general public” he said
“More than 88 thousand cases last year including review of 8 thousand adverse ones of earlier years have been cleared” he added
Many people who had met the CM in the Awami Darbar expressed their gratitude for the clearance of their passport.
Meanwhile, 63 delegations and hundreds of Individuals visited the CMs Private Office today.

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