Stress, Smoking making border residents prone to heart diseases

Jammu, November 30: According to the head of the department of cardiology at the Government Medical College and Super-specialty Hospital in Jammu, Dr Sushil Sharma, the people living in the border areas of the state are gradually falling prey to heart disease. This is turning the border belt into a heart disease-prone zone.

He explains that Displacement after repeated intervals due to firing and shelling on the border is the main cause of tension-gripped lives of the inhabitants of border areas.They become helpless and are always remained gripped with tension owing to which they turn to brisk smoking, the widely known course to ease their tension.

“Residents of this belt are becoming chain smokers due to prevailing tension in their respective areas, which is the main cause of high blood pressure,” the doctor said.

He added that Smoking is bad not only for the heart, but for other organs as well.

In around eight check-up and screening camps conducted by Dr Sharma and his team so far in the areas his team had so far, he found out that the number of patients suffering from heart diseases, are increasing with every passing day. These people were suffering from acute stress, which was the main cause of heart diseases.

“There is no official survey which authenticates that border belts are turning into heart disease-prone zones. One thing is clear that high blood pressure is widespread among border inhabitants,” said Dr Sharma.

During his camp, Dr Sharma informed the border inhabitants about ill-effects of smoking and apprised them of other means to kill the stress. She added that smoking is a silent killer which causes high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, obesity and diabetes which gradually leads to heart disease.