Fine Over Rs. 8 Crore recovered by Power Department in J&K


Jammu, Dec 01: The Electricity Department of Jammu and Kashmir has recovered a fine of Rs. 8.29 crore from the defaulters and also regularised more than 23 thousand of electricity connections in the state. This was informed in a meeting by Dheeraj Gupta, Commissioner Secretary of the Power Development Department.

During the current financial year, the Power Development Department has recovered a fine of Rs. 8.29 crore and 23,190 electric connections have been regularized, Dheeraj Gupta said when he was briefing a meeting of the committee on the Public Accounts of the Jammu and Kashmir Legislature pertaining to the PDD which was held under the chairmanship of MLA Mian Altaf Ahmed. The enforcement team of the Power Development Department  conducted 48,077 inspections during the current year, Gupta added.

MLA, Mian Altaf Ahmed directed for making enforcement wings more active to curb menance of illegal power connections.

With Inputs from – Online Media Sources


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