Polluted, congested Jammu also needs odd/even number vehicle ban like Delhi

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources

Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources
Image Courtesy- Online Media Sources
The AAP government in Delhi has taken a revolutionary step to check the rising air pollution in Delhi, and also to reduce traffic jams which are threatening to bring the national capital to a standstill. Roads are perpetually jammed, and so are the lungs but this situation is not prevailing in Delhi alone but distant Jammu, and Srinagar cities which happen to be twin capitals of Jammu and Kashmir are slowly being killed by the mix of pollution, traffic, and overcrowding. Despite pronouncements by the state government there is really no solution to this menace as bad planning, and massive encroachment has ensured that both the cities face multiple challenges.

In the wake of similar problems in J&K would it be not feasible for the Mufti government to introduce the idea of allowing odd and even numbered cars, and private vehicles to run on Jammu roads, and in Srinagar. This would be a bold and brave experiment but difficult times need tough measures, and if the twin cities in the state can implement this rule there could be a lot of space for people on the roads, and for air in our lungs. Gradually the air in Jammu and Srinagar, and other cities in the state is being polluted as such is would be a idea worth considering to introduce the ban on odd/even vehicles on alternate days in the state.

As per Delhi plan, private vehicles with odd numbers will be allowed to run on a day, and next even numbered vehicles will move thus reducing congestion. This method is called road space rationing, and if the police is able to implement the rule, then there could be major improvement in level of pollution. While private vehicles are stopped, public transport in Jammu, and Srinagar can be given a boost with more buses put into service.
Apart from this J&K govt should ban road side parking, increase the rate of parking, and check pollution norms in vehicles to ensure roads are free from congestion, and our lung from pollution.

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