Don’t lose touch with heritage, J&K CM tells youth


Jammu, Dec 6: In their pursuit of science and technology, the youth of Jammu and Kashmir should not lose their connect with heritage and traditional values, Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed said on Sunday.

“I acknowledge the strides made in the field of science and technology, but while pursuing a bright future by equipping themselves with the latest in science and technology, our future generations need to know who they are. This can only be achieved by keeping their heritage and traditions alive,” he said.

Sayeed inaugurated the Abhinav Theatre here on Sunday and addressed the audience.

He said that without keeping their heritage and past values alive, the youth may become economically affluent, but they will never know who they are.

Calling the renovated Abhinav Theatre the “nerve centre” of cultural activities in the Jammu region, Sayeed said: “Cultural events should be a part of our lives and these should not be held merely because dignitaries come to attend these.”

“That is why I have said we need to have schools of Sufi music and folklore. Colleges and universities have to be linked with music and folklore so that this is institutionalised,” he said.

Sayeed said: “Bollywood and cinema has made great progress, but this has not undermined the traditional theatre and drama.”

“Great progress by cinema cannot in any way undermine the stature of Shakespeare, as the great playwright that he has been.”

He said artists like musicians, singers, movie actors and theatre artists see a human being as a human being and not as a Hindu or a Muslim.

In a lighter vein, Sayeed said he has read a lot of the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi, but added: “After seeing ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ (movie), I have rediscovered Gandhi’s spirit of taking a slap and returning it with love and compassion.”

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