Aaj ke Dharne (11 th December 2015)


Summary of all the Protests (Dharne) in Jammu held today ( 11th of December )


Dharna Number 1

PHE Protest

By: P.H.E Workers Welfare Association


For: In support of long pending demands such as conducting of DPC Meeting to provide promotion avenues for the senior most employees particularly those who are on the verge of retirements, creation of higher scale posts, change of designations of the  serving employees according to their present assignments, constitution of welfare fund schemes and others.




Dharna Number 2: 

Tourist Trade people

By: Jammu & Kashmir Tourist Trade Peoples Federation

For: Demanding for the permission for the taxi operators to travel the tourists outside the state which was earlier given to them by Ex-Transport Commissioner.



Dharna Number 3:

ReT Teachers

By: All J&K RET Teachers Forum 

For: Demanding for the Regularization of the RETs /KGBV Teachers who have completed 5 years tenure, release of several months SSA salary, release of MDM dues pending for last one year, time bound promotion for eligible reagularized RET and benefits of SRO-43 etc.



Dharna Number 4: 


By: Nature- Human Centric Peoples Movement

For: Against the ongoing COP 21 at Paris 2015 and demanded the world leaders to set the things right before its too late as there is still possibility of saving the planet Earth and its bio-life.




Dharna Number 5: 



By: Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party

For: Demanding for the payment of the salaries to the ReTs and other teachers appointed under SSA and RMSA since April 2015, payment of ex-gratia to the dependent of SPOs, arrears of wages of SPOs and VDC members and others.