Modi asks Mehbooba to lead coalition fearlessly

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured Ms Mehbooba Mufti of “all help” that her government will require from centre. She has also been assured that the BJP in the state will also be supportive and responsive, sources said.

In her nearly half an hour meeting termed “highly positive” by PDP, sources said Prime Minister has asked Ms Mufti to stay in touch with him on all the issues that would require his intervention. It was in response to the concern she had expressed about the BJP’s activism in the state outside the government.`


Sources said she was told that the state party would be sensitized on the issues she has flagged in the meeting. Ms Mufti is understood to have identified certain instances that create tensions in the larger parts of the state. Prime Minister has told her to keep him informed on such issues so that she faces no problems from her allies in the state.

Earlier as well, PDP had raised the issues of BJP members taking recourse to the court for diluting issues that are otherwise part of the common minimum programme, the agenda of alliance.


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