222nd Birth Anniversary of the founder of Royal Dogra Dynasty, Maharaja Gulab Singh


Pictures by Sandeep

222nd Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Gulab Singh, the founder of Royal Dogra Dynasty and the first Maharaja of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir was celebrated by Jammu Province People Forum (JPPF). Gulab Singh was born on October 21, 1792 in a Hindu Jamwal Dogra Rajput family. His father, Kishore Singh Jamwal, was a distant kinsman of Jit Singh, the Raja of Jammu. He distinguished himself in several campaigns, including the conquest of Multan in 1816. In 1824 Gulab Singh captured the fort of Samartah, near the holy Mansar Lake. Maharaja Gulab Singh died on June 30 1857 and was succeeded by his son, Ranbir singh. It is unfortunate that history of Dogra rulers has gradually been erased and not even a single day is being observed in the name of great heroes of Jammu and Kashmir who sacrificed their lives for enhancing its boundaries from East to West and North to South. The area of Jammu and Kashmir after independence handed over to the so called leaders by the Dogra Rulers could not be maintained and the major portion of the area is illegally occupied by the two neighboring countries which the Government is unable to get it freed.

JPPF further asks government to name University of Jammu and Jammu Airport in the name of Shri Maharaja Gulab Singh. It would be a great tribute to the great hero of our state.

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