A park made in the memory of Martyr’s is in ruins


Jammu and Kashmir News

By a Citizen of Aadarsh Colony

Shaheedi Park in Aadarsh Colony of Udhampur was made in the honour of the Martyrs of 1947. But it was left incomplete and right now is full of trash both in and outside. The reason behind the shameful condition of the park is the negligence of the Government officials.


Aadarsh Colony is one of the posh areas of Udhampur town and mostly the families of Army men and the martyrs live here. It was the initiative of the locals of this area which led to building of this park.  But their lack of interest in keeping it clean, rather maintaining it has led to its degradation.


With the hope that maybe the civil society, indebted to those great men who laid their lives fighting for the nation, after reading this message would finally realise that the gesture of laying a park in memory of the Martyrs would be inadequate unless they care for it in the real sense, starting from cleaning it.IMG-20160507-WA0016

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