25 साल बाद जम्मू कश्मीर को मिलेगी अपने हिस्से की बिजली


25 years after the construction of Ranjit Sagar Dam, Jammu and Kashmir will get its share of electricity. For this, Jammu and Kashmir Power Transmission Corporation is going to test charge 220 KV DC, Hiranagar-Thane line. After getting this power, the state will get some relief from the power crisis.

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has written a letter to Jammu Kashmir Power Transmission Corporation (JKPTC) for this. After this, the JKPTC has issued a notice to the people living around this line and advised not to construct permanent or temporary construction around the line and stay away from the power line. According to official sources, the line has not yet been tapped with Ranjit Sagar Dam and will be back-fed to the Hiranagar grid for test charging. In such a situation, current will start running in these lines soon.

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120 MW power will be provided Out of 600 MW power generation from Ranjit Sagar Dam, 20 percent 120 MW power can be used in the state. However, this power will be provided to Jammu and Kashmir by paying the price of production.