25 Bangladeshis illegally working and employed at Wave Mall

Jammu, 11 April: The hanging demographics of the state of Jammu and Kashmir today, especially due to an influx of outsiders is a matter of worry. Illegal immigrants from Bangladesh have been settling down in the state of Jammu and Kashmir for many years and it has been reported that some of them have allegedly even managed to get ration cards and have actively been trying to enroll for Aadhar cards.

What is a cause of worry is that news reports in January had claimed that many terrorist groups in Kashmir, especially the HuM and the LeT have managed to recruit Bangladeshi men. Even as the attempt here is to not paint all these 25 workers as insurgents, it goes without saying that illegal immigration of Bangladeshis in the state has gone unchecked largely.

Bangladesh Immigrant working at wave mall

In a startling admission by a worker with whom U4UVoice spoke with in the food-court area of Wave Mall, it has come to light that almost 25 immigrants from Bangladesh are working in Wave mall alone. Our reporter got wary when the worker visibly could not understand the instructions being given to him. When we spoke to this individual, he could barely understand hindi and got nervous to finally admit that he is from Bangladesh.

Initially this man said that he is the only Bangladeshi at Wave Mall but a co-worker of his who belongs to an Indian state said that there are 25 of them working at Wave Mall and have been employed through a contractor who brings them for a cheap salary.

Identity card of the Bangladeshi Immigrant

The question now is if there is a nexus between those who have hired the Bangladeshi workers and the contractor/s which may have been fuelling the illegal immigration further. It may well be possible that the Bangladeshi workers are promised fancy work but are simply thrust into working menial jobs at salaries which amount to violation of the worst kind.

U4UVoice is already investigating the matter with some important leads and will come up with more details in due time.

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