25 year old PUBG addict chops off father’s head to ‘play in peace’


Bengaluru: In a case of online addiction reaching murderous proportions, a 25-year-old man killed his father and chopped off his head and legs in Belagavi district of Karnataka. The murderer, identified as Raghuveer Kumbar, regularly fought with his father over his PUBG addiction.

The deceased, identified as 65-year-old Shankrappa Kumbar was a retired policeman and often used to tell his son to not play PUBG all the time and this led to quarrels between the two. On Sunday night, there was another heated argument between father and son.

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An enraged Raghuveer killed his father and cut off his head and legs around midnight so that he could play the online game PUBG on his mobile phone in ‘peace’. The accused has been arrested and police are questioning him.

The menace of online gaming addiction has reared its head across the country and many such cases have been reported where youth have turned in killers for being stopped from playing PUBG.