260 crore ration scam in Udhampur, raids on 15 locations of officers and employees


The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) raided 15 locations of the concerned department officials-employees and contractors in five districts on Thursday in the Rs 260 crore government ration scam in Udhampur.

A floor mill and CAPD department officials-employees have been involved in the scam. Hundreds of crores of rupees were taken away in the name of hauling and milling. Scooter numbers were given instead of trucks for freight. The teams of the bureau seized six lakh rupees in cash and several important documents during the raid.

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Four different teams raided Udhampur. Investigation has revealed that wheat brought from 157 trucks in the floor mill is not in the records of FCI and SRTC. The number of trucks used to borrow money are those of scooters-motorcycles and cars. Trucks were also used to deliver rations 30 meters away. Crores of rupees were scammed in the name of Transport, Milling and Labor.

Former assistant director of Udhampur Muklis Ali resident Thanna Mandi Rajori, former assistant director Abdul Rashid resident Banihal Ramban, Joginder Singh resident Lower Roop Nagar Jammu, Ramesh Chandra resident Samba, former supervisor Udhampur, Trikuta floor mill Ramesh Kumar, Sushma Gupta resident Udhampur, Sushil Kumar resident Udhampur, former supervisor of FCI godown Udhampur Rakesh Pargal, Mubarak Mandi resident Deepak Abrol King manager Sartisi Udhampur, Ramesh Kumar clerk Udhampur Sartisi Depot resident Udhampur, owner Trikuta Flour Mill Amit Mahajan, a resident of Gandhi Nagar Jammu, Sartisi contractor Prmdeep Singh resident trikuta seized records of many such actions the city home.

90 Lakhs paid on 30 meter haulage From 2013 to 2014, the CAPD has reported wheat coming from 157 trucks in its account but these trucks are not present in the account of FCI and SRTC. The trucks for which the freight was taken are not on record. 90 lakh rupees was paid for freight and transport at Trikuta floor mill and FCI godown just 30 meters away.

During raids at Joginder Singh, former Assistant Director of CAPD in Udhampur, six lakh rupees were recovered. Many important documents have also been seized from the homes of the remaining people.