Jasprit Bumrah’s Estranged Grandfather Drives Auto For Survival

He is the number two bowler in the T20 format in the world and also the most reliable bowler when it comes to death bowling. Jasprit Bumrah is one of the most feared bowlers in world cricket because of his tight line and accuracy. While Bumrah has reached new heights in world cricket, one of his family member is living in extreme difficult condition. Jasprit’s grandfather Santokh Singh Bumrah is living in a rented place and drives a tempo to meet ends.
According to media reports, Santok resides in Uddham Singh Nagar of Uttarakhand and been driving a tempo since he moved here from Ahmedabad. Santok’s back story is a heart-wrenching one.

Media reports say that he had a big business set up and owned three factories. He had a flourishing business that he took care with his son Jasveer Singh Bumrah, Jasprit’s father. In 2001, Jasveer died and his death shattered Santok and he lost his business. He also had loans and to repay them, he sold off his factories.

Santok then moved to Uddham Singh Nagar in 2006 after selling his three factories. Here, he bought four tempos and decided to start a new business. But, he had losses in this as well and had to sell three of the four tempos. Now, Santok rides the remaining tempo for a living.

The 84-year-old now watches his grandson on television bowling in international cricket and wants to hug him. According to other reports, he is extremely proud of his grandson making it big in life.

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