3 yrs RI awarded to Revenue Deptt official in corruption case

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Additional Sessions Judge Anticorruption Jammu Tasleem Arief today awarded three years imprisonment to Jawahar Lal, the then Patwari Halqa Deeli who was caught red-handed by the Vigilance Organization while accepting bribe.

After hearing Himanshu Gupta, Senior Prosecuting Officer for the Vigilance Organization, the court observed, “the scourge of corruption and bribery has become a monster now”, adding “indeed the greed of man has made him corrupt and his wretched exertions have spread wretchedness and corruption in all the spheres of land, water and air”.

According to the case, the complainant had requested the accused to prepare revenue abstracts pertaining to land measuring 2 Kanals falling under Survey Nos. 37 min and 40 min situated at village Deeli which were required by him to get that land and the house built on it mortgaged with the J&K Bank for obtaining loan.

The accused had demanded from him a bribe of Rs 20,000 for issuing him those revenue papers and of it the complainant is said to have paid him Rs 6000 on spot and agreed to pay him the other Rs 14,000 at the time the lien charge of the bank over the mortgaged property was sought to be recorded in the revenue records.


The complainant had approached the accused again on 21.04.2010. He had handed him a bank letter which sought the recording of lien charge of the bank over the mortgaged property in the revenue records.

The accused did not record the lien charge of the bank over the mortgaged property in the revenue records but demanded the complainant to first pay him the remaining Rs 14,000 of the bribe.

The complainant instead of paying him that money made a written complaint against the accused to the Vigilance Organization Jammu, which laid a trap and caught the accused red-handed.

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