30 autorickshaw drivers booked in Srinagar


Srinagar, December 15: Around 30 auto rickshaw divers were booked in Srinagar on Monday by Legal Metrology Department for not using fare meters and charging flat rates from the customers.

The drivers were booked during a drive carried out by a team of the Legal Metrology Department under the supervision of the Joint Controller, Legal Metrology, Kashmir, MA Mughal in order to check fare meters of auto rickshaws plying in the city. The team included Deputy Controller, Legal Metrology, Taxi Meter, and SS Lab, Kashmir with the assistance of J&K police personnel.

A maximum of 80 auto rickshaws were checked during the drive where in 30 of them were found ferrying customers without the installation of fare meters.


The team of LMD also directed the auto rickshaw drivers to install fare meters and comply with the rules and regulations of the Act. The drivers were also told strictly to avoid flat rates and charge fare according to the meter only. The officer said if anybody was found violating the rules, strict actions will be taken against him.

The official spokesman of the Legal Metrology Department, Kashmir said that the LMD will continue to carry out regular inspections to protect the consumers’ interest.

Meanwhile, the department also verified more than 2,000 fare meters of auto rickshaws.

Tribune Photo