More than 35000 villagers displaced- First in the history of Indo-Pak skirmishes



India and Pakistan no matter how much talk is done and how much visits are paid, have failed to conclude the age-old chaos all in peace. The last few days were acknowledged crucially by both the nations in the mutual truce that started unapprehended but resulted in immense losses. Unexpected ceasefire violations did every attempt to curb the wee remains of Peace and Hope of ending up in unity. Alas ! this is not happening for the first time, many a times Pakistan has unreasonably intervened and of course we tend to retaliate to pacify the situation but the situation drags us in the hold of its complexity and the trouble mounts up-this is what exactly happened last week like all other times before. On the Contrary, two nations were honored with two nobles for Peace this year who turned the tracks of severe problems that we care to talk about but haven’t yet succeeded in eroding totally.
The firing at the borders is not new but this time the intensity and the spread is one of the worst violations so far. Nearly 160 villages have been targeted and more than 35,000 border people have been displaced,making it the first in the history of Indo-Pakistan skirmishes. Many Jawans on the stake of saving people lost their lives while some lost their limbs. Innocents died and some woke up to bullet bangs or deaths. Poor villagers would be repaying for nothing by losing their livelihood. Rohan, a village mason, had to get his leg amputated because of a splinter injury and would have to lead his whole life with this disability. The problem has no solution except asking for compensation and the Government has been appealed to alott the displaced people Residential Quarters and Shelter Camps.

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