391.50M Internet connections in India; J&K among the lowest of all states

India had 236.09 million wireless and wire-line broadband connections at the end of December 2016, an increase of 22.7% over a three month period starting from September 2016, according to data published by telecom regulator TRAI.

However, note that India also had 155.41 million narrow band connections in the country, which decreased from 175.17 million connection in September 2016. This takes the total number of Internet connections (wireline+wireless) in the country to 391.50 million.




Between September and December 2016, total broadband connections in rural India grew by 5.5% and by 27.9% in urban areas.

TRAI defines narrowband as internet connections with download speeds less than 512 kbps, while the connections with download speeds faster than 512 kbps are classified as broadband. Broadband connections are the majority in India with a 60.3% share, while Narrowband connections held the rest 39.7% share.


Jammu and Kashmir had the highest growth rate of 17.56% in terms of subscriber additions, closely followed by Delhi with a growth rate of around 10.14%. However, the number of broadband connections in J&K is 1.83 million according to the data which is among the lowest of all other states.