4 Morning mood boosters

Morning is the time when a person no matter how depressed or hurt he/she is prays for a pleasant day. To start your day with a cup of coffee or a morning walk or by visiting places of worship is something which most of us prefer. But besides following a set pattern should not you actually take some time for yourself and figure out the feeling and ask few questions every morning which can help us to understand the situation in a better way.

What yesterday has taught me?

Learning does not refer to attending a class or something; it means to think over the way you handled yesterday. Did not you easily handle the day? Which new skill you have you learned? It can be anything ranging from handling a person going through tempers fits or appreciating other people’s efforts.

Even that is an achievement which can be understood on a different level as a reinforced skill to handle tetchy creatures.

Have I Set priorities for the day?

It is quite possible that you must already be having a list with you or there might be an arrangement (schedule) to be followed. A routine needs to be pursued but what is important is that priorities need to be set so that tasks can be accomplished on time and with precision. Goals help us to give a direction to the things required to be done in a day.

Am I happy?

Are you excited about going to work? Are you enjoying the job that you are doing? Are you excited about the day?

These questions can actually help you to assess your mood and then you can easily differentiate between the feelings which are frustrating you or making you happy. In case you do not like your temporary feelings, think about something nice and the next thing that your brain will do is to generate positive emotions to make you feel better.

Do I have a Strategy to get closer to my goal?

We are not discussing about the long term goals as it can essentially take a long time before we can actually get our aspired positions. For now we need to focus on short time goals, those tiny steps which are required to be climbed to reach up to the ultimate goal. These little steps eliminate the distractions and help us to align ourselves in a particular direction.

 Asking these questions will not be that difficult but the way they affect or change your life will be startling. Answering these questions will infact help you to retain focus and to get a better control over things