5 damaging effects if Liquor Ban is brought into force in J&K


Liquor Ban

After a PIL filed by the chairperson Ghulam Rasool Haami of an Islamic Organisation Karwan-i-Islami seeking complete ban on the sale and consumption  of liquor in Jammu and Kashmir, the Division Bench of Jammu and Kashmir High Court has granted a week’s time to the State Government for filing of a status report.
It is important to see how the liquor ban can be damaging to both the economy of the state as well as the social fabric. A complete ban on Alcohol Trade and consumption will have many side effects. These are the most important eight points:

Production and sale of Spurious liquor will increase Massively

The central government from time to time has tried putting ban on the sale and consumption of liquor in various states but this just encouraged bootlegging and spurious liquor. Similarly total ban on alcohol in J&K can also lead towards the manufacture of Spurious liquor ands consequent deaths of poor consumers. Spurious liquor is one of the biggest killers in India.

Increase in Interstate smuggling

Ban on alcohol can create a huge black market for alcohol. The easiest prrof is the case of prohibition of liquor in Haryana in 1996 when huge quantities of alcohol was smuggled largely from Punjab. This is bound to happen in Jammu and Kashmir. After all Punjab is our first neighbour.

Loss to the State’s economy

In 1996 , the ban on Alcohol in Haryana cost the State treasury Rs 12 billion in Excise revenue, a loss of 20,000 jobs in brewing, distilling and retailing of alcoholic drinks. This was way back in 1996. Now Jammu and Kashmir has a massive population which is an active consumer of alcohol. Imagine the losses to our state, which already has debts that run into thousands of crores.

It will increase the rate of Drug Addiction

With alcohol being banned in the state, people will try finding other options to get high and that can increase the rate of drug addiction among the people of state. As it is there are multiple regions in Kashmir grappling with Drug abuse substances such as Heroin and Hashish not to mention Bhukki.

Punjab’s drug menace can enter our state

Ban on alcohol in state can also help as an open invitation to the liquor and drug Mafia existing in the state and then  the crime rates in state can go sky high. Punjab’s drug menace is accepted by both the state and central governments.