5 Jammu based Start-ups to watch out for!

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Jammu, the city of temples has taken a swoop into the Startup world. There are many startups that are coming up and proving their gallantry, in spite of knowing, the unfavorable business conditions in the state. Kashmir is famous for its food items, tea & spices, dry fruits & vegetables, handicrafts etc but still these things are out of reach of the people in the country due to lack of e-commerce initiatives in the region.

Though the country has reached the latest level of technology but still people have to travel to the state or seek favors from people travelling to J&K to get the authentic, legitimate stuff. But now it’s time to change, the startup revolution in the country has attacked the state jammu & kashmir, now everything is just few buttons away. There are people holding these startups & taking initiatives to withstood all the challenges that the political, social, economic and geographic conditions posed to them.

Buzzbee 360

Buzzbee 360 is an all-in-one mobile app for jammu that provides all sorts of information at hand. It’s a directory of all the important services shops and stores in Jammu such as gifting, clothing, mobiles, furnitures etc. Moreover the customers can shop online for sweets, dry fruits and handicraft items.


KashmirOneStop is one of its own kind Online & Retail shop. It is a passionate endeavor by uprooted Kashmiri Pandit founders Rohit Bhat and Meenakshi Rakesh Bhat to re-connect with Kashmir & bring Kashmir closer to rest of the India and the World. It is a one stop shop for all sorts of items relevant to Kashmiri culture and delivers to anywhere in India.

Pure Mart

Puremart is an online shop for various items ranging from cosmetics and items for personal healthcare to dryfruits. The speciality of Puremart is that is delivers pure, organic products.


INRDeals is a hub of coupons and deals that the customers can benefit from. Customers can avail offers and receive discounts on a variety of purchases on ecommerce sites like myntra, flipkart etc. It also enlists local businesses such as Hotels, Restaurants where anyone can produce the coupon code to avail the benefits.

Sabzi Now

Sabzinow is a delivery service for fresh fruits and vegetables. Customers can either make a call or whatsapp over their contact number to place order.





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