5 kg kidney tumour removed from patient in Delhi

Image courtesy - Mirror

New Delhi, May 20 Doctors at the All India India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) here said on Wednesday they had removed a kidney tumour weighing 5.018 kilograms, claimed to be the world’s biggest, from a 66-year-old patient.
Kapleshwar La Das 5 kg tumor

A native of Bihar’s Darbhanga, K.L. Das, has been living here for the last 25 years initially underwent tests in January at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, where a huge mass on the right side of his abdomen was detected.

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He further consulted doctors at AIIMS.

Tests at AIIMS revealed a huge tumour on the right side of Das’s kidney and it had led to the organ bloating up to 35 times its normal size.

The tests also revealed that several tumours had developed in Das’s lungs.

Kapleshwar Lal Dass tumour CT Scan provided by AIIMS New Delhi
Kapleshwar Lal Dass tumour CT Scan provided by AIIMS New Delhi

Since the patient was experiencing severe pain and discomfort, a team of doctors was formed under the leadership of M.D. Ray, consultant at the department of surgical oncology, AIIMS.

According to the doctors, the patient underwent surgery on May 14 with the help of a 25 cm long incision from chest to abdomen, a procedure which is called thoraco-abdominal incision.

Kapleshwar La Das 5 kg tumor
Image courtesy – Mirror

“The tumour was removed successfully along with the right kidney as there was a chance of recurrence of such tumours in the future. The patient has been recovering since,” said Ray, adding that the patient was fit to be discharged by Thursday.

“It was five-and-a-half-hour-long procedure. After the operation, the patient was in the ICU for a day after which he was shifted to a general ward. He is doing well,” said Ray.